Hi. How are you? Good?….that’s good.

I’m gonna be honest.. This blog is going to be pretty shocking and very serious. I have a huge secret to share with you all… I’m warning you now… if you can’t handle insanely surprising truth, then I would stop reading now.

Here it is.

I am……….






I know, I know it’s very shocking… I warned you.. But it’s true.. You don’t believe me? Wellllll…. Let me just give you the straight facts.

1. I’m afraid of bats.

2. I wear a lot of black….(and sometimes very dark grey……also green… and blue….maybe red…occasionally polkadots…but that’s not important)

3. I’m very mysterious.

4. I practically save the world daily.

5. I like capes. And masks.

6. I have a secret identity… (clearly)

7. I’m everyone’s favorite. (Duh.)

8. I work best late at night.

9. I have a lame sidekick. (His name is Hudson.)

So… My wise wisdom for you this week is to take off the cape and mask and reveal your secret superhero identity.. I feel so refreshed.. It’s like I can breathe clearer.. I’m so glad I get to share my secret with y’all!

Well I have some lives to save… And villians to destroy… And super secret hero stuff.

So all I have left to say (in a very deep and attractive raspy voice) is…

I’m Batman.

peace & love


Or BM (Batman)

You decide.

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