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Releasing the Album ‘Into the Song’

When I was twelve years old, I wrote a song about owning the stars and wanting to shine… Releasing my debut record, Into the Song, was the closest I’ve ever felt to shining. It is an interesting thing releasing songs you wrote, especially living in a small town where most people can figure out who those songs are about. It makes you vulnerable and open. and those are things I don’t usually like to be. But it is an indescribable feeling pouring all my stories and emotions into this album and sending it out into the world for others to hopefully relate to. Music is so powerful and it connects the world through emotions in ways that are almost impossible to understand, and I love to be a part of that beautiful, strange connection.

I want to thank my incredibly talented producers Jeffrey Armstreet and Matt Kidd for making this album everything I imagined it would be. I am honored to have worked with such amazing producers and musicians and I enjoyed every minute of the recording process. Thank you to Red Tree Recording Studio for being my second home during the recording process and to Magnolia Red for the time and work put into the album. I could not be more pleased with the way Into the Song turned out. Recording this record was such an inspirational learning experience for me and I grew as an artist throughout the process. It is an indescribable feeling to send my stories out into the world to be heard by others and these stories could not have been told in the beautiful way that they were without the creative minds that spent countless hours on the album.

Thank you to my incredible fans. I am amazed by the amount of messages from people all over the world. It is so inspiring to hear the kind words of strangers that have listened to my music. I also want to thank my family and friends for always believing in me and encouraging me in every aspect of my life and music. I am so excited to start my journey as an artist with this album and with the support of so many wonderful people. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

friend zone

Guys, dating, escaping the ‘Friend Zone’ and such

HI. It feels amazing to be blogging again after my break for the summer.. But alas, it’s officially fall which makes me super happy and super inspired.

So this is a topic I have been wanting to write about for quite a while but didn’t know how to put it into words until these past few days. Soooo… Guys. Here are a few tips for y’all from me (and probably many other teenage girls) on dating, escaping the friend zone and such..

1. If you like a girl, tell her. Don’t tell her friends (especially her girl friends because they might feed you false information to sabotage her…yes, sadly “girl friends” do this). Don’t tell your friends. Don’t tell random strangers. Until you tell HER. Because if you don’t tell her, she will find out.. And if she is anything like me, she’ll act like she doesn’t know and she won’t say anything to you about it (because if she IS anything like me..she’s pretty stubborn and good luck).. But she’ll be waiting for you to say something and this all just makes everything more awkward and complicated.

2. If you like a girl, tell her (Part 2). Girls like to hear it from you. If you tell her yourself, she will know you are brave and gutsy enough to just be honest. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or perfectly worded.. Just tell her. If you don’t, you might miss the opportunity and you will regret that SO much more than possibly being shut down.

3. ASK HER OUT. Okay… Dating has become a rare thing. You’re either “talking” or in a relationship. But dating is the forgotten middle child. Ask her on a date! One date does not mean you are committing to marry the girl or even be “Facebook official”. If you think you like her, ask her to dinner or a movie. See if you have things in common or easy conversation. You might realize you have nothing in common! If that happens, at least you know and can go back to being friends. If you ask her out and she says no, then that’s her loss. And if you/she can’t date, then do something with her family.. Or invite her to dinner with yours.. She’ll appreciate you having the courage to ask.

4. Don’t complain about being lonely and do nothing about it. I know far too many guys that post things like “Forever alone” or “Why am I always single…is there something wrong with me?”….. Yes. There is something wrong with you. You’re a great, likable guy but you spend your time complaining about being single instead of putting your big boy pants on and taking a girl out. If you’re waiting for the perfect girl, I’m sorry but she doesn’t exist. Even the coolest, most popular, prettiest girl has her share of imperfections.. Love isn’t about finding someone perfect.. It’s about finding someone perfect for you. But you aren’t going to find your perfect match if you spend more time complaining about being single than actually trying to be unsingle… (That’s a word, right?)

5. The “friend zone” isn’t always a permanent place of residence. Picture this: You’ve been best friends with Suzy since you were in third grade. You were there when she fell off her bike and scraped her knee on the concrete. You were there the first time she ever wore mascara. You comforted her during her first breakup when she was still an awkward freshman in high school with braces and overalls. Suddenly… Suzy drives a car instead of her pink bike. Suzy wears mascara and eye shadow and lipstick. Suzy got her braces off and ditched the overalls for a sundress. Suzy isn’t a kid anymore and neither are you…but she’s still your best friend. But one day you look at Suzy and realize you don’t want to be her best friend.. You LIKE like Suzy.. (Two “like”s for affect.) This may seem strange to have these new feelings for a girl you’ve known forever…. BUT IT IS OKAY. Just because you are Suzy’s best friend doesn’t mean you are stuck in the “friend zone” forever! Slowly start revealing to Suzy how you feel.. And then take her to see a chick flick she’s been dying to see. If that goes well, tell her how you are feeling. If you just show her how you feel without panicking and running from your feelings, there’s a good chance Suzy will feel the same way.. Oooor she’ll think you’re a weirdo and just want to be friends so she can talk to you about some other guy she’s dating and you have to watch them hold hands while you third-wheel at a movie and your whole life turns into the song “Jessie’s Girl”… But that’s only a slight and probably rare possibility….. But if you don’t take a risk and step one foot out of the friend zone, you might be stuck there forever.

6. Do NOT (I repeat) DO NOT flirt with other girls to make her jealous. This is super common. Guy likes girl but girl doesn’t know guy likes girl because guy flirts with all girl’s friends to make guy seem more wanted and appealing to girl. This DOES NOT usually end well. Girls do not find this attractive or see it as you trying to get them.. This usually just deters the girl you like from liking you because you seem like a total player and completely uninterested in her.. It just makes a mess… TRUST ME.

I’m old fashioned. I prefer hand-written letters over text messages. I have never been the kind of girl to be the first to text, call, or ask a guy out. I know it isn’t as popular these days, but I like a guy that will open the door for me or make real, sincere conversation with my father. I totally believe in women being independent…but I also believe in men being polite.

So guys, if you really like this girl… Keep it simple. Tell her. Take her out. Be creative and gentlemanly and kind. Look her father in the eyes when you meet him (dads are always impressed by that…or mine is..) and treat her like she matters to you. If she doesn’t feel the same.. Don’t hold it against her. Be her friend because you never know what the future holds..

Okay. Enough with the rant. Goodnight my dearest readers.

(It feels so good to blog again.)

OH! And before I get a bunch of comments about how I’m young and don’t need a boyfriend.. Yes. I am aware. But I would still like to get dressed up to go out every once in awhile.. And yes. My parents approve of dating at sixteen….. As long as they like the guy….

peace & love





Words can heal.
Words can hurt.
Words destroy and words rebuild.
They can bring hope to the hopeless and love to the unloved.
They can inspire and impact.
Words, when put to music, can make you want to dance around the kitchen floor.
Words can deceive.
And disguise.
And demean.
Words can be fragile, vulnerable, breakable.
Or they can hold more strength than you ever imagined you had.
Words can pour out every feeling and emotion locked away inside of you in one moment of desperation.
Or they can stay hidden in the shadows unspoken.
Words can burn.
Words can leave scars that only fade with time.
Leaving a trail of regret and wishing you could take them back.
They can belittle.
And undermine.
They can be so pride-filled and thoughtless that they almost make you lose yourself.
Words are passionate.
Full of hope.
They paint nights of breathless moments and sweet, uncertain smiles.
Words can make you laugh until you cry.
Or make the world seem absolutely and enchantingly perfect for a moment.
Words can define.
Erasing lines that were once blurred.
Clearing the muddy waters.
They can confuse.
Blurring lines that were once clear.
Mudding clear waters.
Words can break hearts.
Leaving tear stains on the carpet and an emptiness in your stomach.
They can change everything in one unsettling sentence.
Words are powerful.

But they are just words.
Only we can decide how they are used and how they affect us.
We are the ones who hold that power.
Use it wisely.

peace & love


lyrics that inspire

Lyrics that inspire me most

Hey y’all.

So I had a pretty rough weekend last week..and the only way I really deal with rough times is (of course) with music.. So this blog isn’t really a normal blog.. Instead I’m just gonna share with you all some of my favorite lyrics that inspire me the most.

“I will raise my hand up into the night time sky and count the stars shining in your eyes. I’ll be satisfied not to read in between the lines.” – Van Morrison

“When the rain is blowing in your face and the whole world is on your case.. I would offer you a warm embrace.. To make you feel my love.” – Bob Dylan

“The tears come streaming down your face when you lose something you can’t replace.. When you love someone but it goes to waste.. Could it be worse? Lights will guide you home. And ignite your bones.. And I will try to fix you.” – Coldplay

“All of these lines across my face tell you the story of who I am.. So many stories of where I’ve been and how I got to where I am.. But these stories don’t mean anything if you’ve got no one to tell them to. It’s true.. I was made for you.” – Brandi Carlile

“It’s only half past the point of no return.. The tip of the iceberg, the sun before the burn.. The thunder before the lightning and the breath before the phrase. Have you ever felt this way?” – Pink

“If you could go anywhere, anywhere, what would you see? Take a step in any direction.. just make believe. If your mind is always moving it’s hard to get your heart up off the ground.. Yeah, your mind was always moving but your thoughts never made a sound.” – Tristan Prettyman

“There are days when I wake up and don’t know what I’m doing here.. I barely recognize the pair of eyes staring back at me in the mirror. But there was a day when I was free, not a care that I could see.. So good I barely could believe that it was happening. Oh take me back again.” – Ben Rector

“It’s crazy here without you.. We used to think this all was ours. We’d stay up late, debate on how we’d find our way.. You’d say it’s all up in the stars.” – Fun.

“I hope when you take that jump you don’t feel the fall. I hope when the water rises, you build a wall. I hope when the crowd screams out, they’re screaming your name. I hope if everybody runs, you choose to stay.” – OneRepublic

Well I know this post wasn’t very personal or inspiring.. But it’s just what I needed to write this week.

And you’ll just have to live with that.

So yeah.

Just kidding.

But really.

peace & love



Hi. How are you? Good?….that’s good.

I’m gonna be honest.. This blog is going to be pretty shocking and very serious. I have a huge secret to share with you all… I’m warning you now… if you can’t handle insanely surprising truth, then I would stop reading now.

Here it is.

I am……….






I know, I know it’s very shocking… I warned you.. But it’s true.. You don’t believe me? Wellllll…. Let me just give you the straight facts.

1. I’m afraid of bats.

2. I wear a lot of black….(and sometimes very dark grey……also green… and blue….maybe red…occasionally polkadots…but that’s not important)

3. I’m very mysterious.

4. I practically save the world daily.

5. I like capes. And masks.

6. I have a secret identity… (clearly)

7. I’m everyone’s favorite. (Duh.)

8. I work best late at night.

9. I have a lame sidekick. (His name is Hudson.)

So… My wise wisdom for you this week is to take off the cape and mask and reveal your secret superhero identity.. I feel so refreshed.. It’s like I can breathe clearer.. I’m so glad I get to share my secret with y’all!

Well I have some lives to save… And villians to destroy… And super secret hero stuff.

So all I have left to say (in a very deep and attractive raspy voice) is…

I’m Batman.

peace & love


Or BM (Batman)

You decide.


Today is a big day in the Reinke house.

My little brother is now a teenager.

I know… It’s terrifying.

I mean I knew he was growing up.. He’s a lot taller than me now and his voice is all deep and stuff.. But now he’s 13..and it’s crazy. So even though he doesn’t usually read my blog (cough jerk cough) I decided to write about him and give him a little advice about surviving teenage years.

Being only 2 and a half years apart, we’ve always had a love/hate relationship.. We disagree on a lot of subjects…especially taste in music..but I don’t know what I’d do without him. I tell him pretty much everything and sometimes he lets me give him girl advice… (I pretend like I know what I’m talking about). He is so talented.. His determination always inspires me so much more than he knows.

Well Hudson… (and any other newly 13 year old in the world) I have a few guidelines for you about surviving teen years. (Guidelines….not rules….teenagers hate rules.)

1. Don’t try too hard. You’re amazing as you are. Don’t change for other people… Don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

2. Don’t be cool. Listen… you’re a teenager now…coolness is part of the package! Do stupid things. Dance at parties. Laugh at dumb jokes. Don’t be afraid of embarrassment because what’s better…having fun? Or watching others have fun because you don’t want to be laughed at? Definitely numero uno.

3. Don’t fuss too much about your hair. Trust me, it looks fantastic.

4. Do what you love. If you love to sing, sing loud. If you love to play sports, play until you’re exhausted. And if you love to unicycle…then you be the best darn unicycler the world has ever known.

5. ALWAYS hug your mom goodnight. This is the most important.. If you want to survive years as a teenager, never be too cool to hug the woman who gave birth to you.

Hudson, I love you. I’m sorry if I’m being an embarrassing older sister…but I mean it. I can’t believe you’re a teenager..but for me you’ll always be the little boy with the lion bath towel and basketball pacifier.. The boy I acted out multiple scenes from High School Musical with in the living room. The spikey-haired kid with the raspy little voice. My best friend. I can’t wait to watch you grow more..(hopefully not in height because I can’t have people thinking I’m younger than you).. I can’t wait to help teach you how to drive one day.. Or intimidate the girl you bring to family dinner.. Believe it or not…I got sad earlier thinking about someday not sharing a bathroom with you.. I’ll miss arguing over my make up being on “your side” and brushing our teeth together.. I’ll miss listening to you sing Whitney Houston in the shower.. But right now I’m gonna finish watching your favorite movie with you… Lego: Adventures of Clutch Powers.. No. Not the Lego Movie… You’re way too hipster for that.. And today while you listen to Eminem in the car, I’ll remember that someday I won’t get to hear you singing…or….rapping..along from the back seat. Promise you’ll never lose your strange fascination in leprechauns. Or give up on your dream. And never EVER change your very detailed process of fixing your hair (no matter how much I mock it) because your hair is truly a work of art. Fo real.

I love you, Hudson. Thank you for being my best friend, for always making me laugh..and for being the best brother in the world. Oh….and happy birthday.

I wuv you Hudsy Wudsy bear..

(In case I haven’t embarrassed you enough.)

peace & love



Ello my dears.

A few days ago I had a pretty important meeting at a studio involving my music and future and all that jazz.. And I was nervous. Really nervous. So while pulling at my clothes anxiously in the front seat of the car, my darling father (noticing my nerves) started trying to inspire me..He’s really cool like that.. He started talking about fear. Uncertainty. The moments completely out of our control.

The unknowns.

There are certain moments every once in awhile..where you just don’t know. When you’re standing at the beach on the edge of the water wondering if the wave will reach you this time. The moment when your hands are shaking and your heart is pounding just before you say the words you know could change everything. The deep breath before the lights come on and the curtain opens. Everything is up in the air. All the cards are on the table and anything could happen.


Fear is something in all of us, something we face as little kids with shadows on our bedroom walls and those shadows of fear haunt us forever. I’ve always been afraid of uncertainty and not knowing what’s to come. But what I’ve realized is that being unsure is an adventure.. Like driving down a winding road without having any clue where it’s taking you. All you know is that you’re moving on. If we stay in the same place forever, with the same routine, wearing the same house shoes and reading the same book over and over, what do we learn? Yeah, we’re settled. And those house shoes are probably pretty comfortable.. And that’s a great book… But then what? We learn from experience. We fall down..then we get back up again. We make a mistake..we learn from it. We get our hearts broken…we eat lots of ice cream and write a hit song about it….okay…maybe not… But we do learn from that hurt..and when someone new and beautiful comes along, we might be a little more cautious..but we’ll also be surprised at how it feels to feel like that again. Everything is uncertain. Everything can change in one instant.

Well my dad probably said it better than I can… but unknowns are not bad. They’re scary. But they are an adventure. So I’ve decided to welcome the possibilities, good or bad, not run from them. When you run you might save yourself from hurt, but you might miss out on the chance to really live if you’re always hiding from what COULD go wrong.

I don’t know if you’ll like this post.. You might not like it.. I probably shouldn’t have posted it… What if you’re mocking me right now? What if a meteor is about to crash into earth and you won’t have a chance to get into an emergency evacuation spaceship because you’re busy reading this? This was a mistake… I’m gonna go cry in a dark corner for like 3 days…

peace & love



This coming Friday is a pretty important day for most of the world..

Valentine’s day.

When you’re a kid, February 14th is a day of little coloring paper cards, stuffed animals and watching your parents while dreaming of someday when your prince comes along. When you’re a teenager, it’s either a day of smiles, hope and dressing up anxiously awaiting the evening with butterflies in your stomach.. Or it’s a day of lots and lots of chocolate, tears, and movies based on Nicholas Sparks novels..  When you’re an adult, the butterflies have mostly flown away and you’re trying to find more creative ways to surprise your husband or wife.. (or that’s what I’m assuming old people do on this holiday.)

I feel like romance has been down-graded these days.. I sure wish I could’ve lived in the days of hand written letters, red roses and throwing pebbles at windows.. But sadly, I live in 2014 when nothing is romantic unless you’re someone’s “Man crush Monday” or “Woman crush Wednesday” on Instagram and you’re much more likely to get a flower emoticon on a text than a real flower.. But I have realized that just because things aren’t the same as they were in the “olden days” does not mean that cute creative Valentine’s Days don’t exist.

You see, I’m actually happy this year…and guess what…I might not be wearing my pajamas all day while eating Goldfish alone on my couch…I might decide to have fun and enjoy the day..I might even fix my hair and stuff like that.. I used to think Valentine’s Day was an overrated holiday for people that don’t know how to surprise their significant other on their own time and a day for single people to feel particularly lonely. But I had a major change of attitude this year. I’m actually excited about this Friday! (crazy right?)

I did some research on how Valentine’s Day got started and I found an interesting legend.. I won’t tell the long story of Saint Valentine.. But I will tell you that he was put in jail for converting people to Christianity.. While he was in jail, he healed a sick girl named Julia, who was the daughter of his jailer, and they fell in love. He found out he was going to be executed and he wrote Julia a letter signed Your Valentine.. After he was killed, Julia and 44 of the jailer’s household were baptized and converted to Christianity.. They say that’s how this holiday started.

I was surprised by the story.. I thought it was beautiful. Love is a powerful thing. And it made me realize that there is usually more than meets the eye.. That maybe a holiday like this is a good reminder that love is an adventure. It is wild, confusing and wonderful all at once. It is life changing and full of hope. I may be a nosy, know-it-all teenager.. But this Friday I like the idea of hope. Hope and excitement for the “someday”s.

Well…Merry Valentine’s Eve’s Eve….

Is that the wrong holiday?

peace & love



Hi again.

Tonight I am writing to you from the great city of Los Angeles, California. I love this city. I feel like this place kinda gets a bad rep.. It’s always thought of as trashy and dirty.. Which it is…like most cities are..BUT there are places in this city that are just adorable. When my family travels somewhere, we always try to go to the unique places.. Places that aren’t as popular or seen…and there are soooo many hidden gems here.

Well a few nights ago were The Grammys.. My favorite award show (of course) because it is all about music. So every year I watch my tv intently with bright and excited eyes when they’re on. This year was different because I happened to be staying 8 miles down the road from The Staples Center where the awards are held… (Yes. I was extremely happy about that.) and I watched them on the screen in my hotel room. If you watched them, you know that they were very….interesting this year. And I can’t say I was happy about some of the things that happened on the award show that I look forward to all year.. I was a little disappointed.

But I’m not writing this to tell you all my disagreements with The Grammys..

You may not know this..I didn’t know until I came here last July and I was reminded yesterday when I saw it.. You know the Hollywood sign. Everyone has seen it. It sits above the city in bold white letters on a beautiful green hill. What you might not know is that there is a white cross placed on another hill near the sign. Crazy right? I think yes. If you don’t believe me, Google it… (Even though I obviously know way more than Google…. Duh.)

It’s beautiful…and hardly anyone ever knows it’s there. I was very moved when I saw it. And (of course) it really got me thinking… Sometimes everything is so focused on the fame. On the brightest lights and the fanciest clothes. On the tallest hill. The big white bold letters. But what we miss is the cross. We don’t see the beautiful white cross above all the red carpets, award shows, sparkles and parties. There it is. Right in front of the city. But who really sees it? Hears of it? It made me sad to think of all the people who overlook it.. Who only see the taller hill and the bigger sign. If only they knew that the greatest sign was right in front of them..

People come here to follow their dreams and “make it big”.. To find fame and glory. But there’s something much more powerful in these hills.. Just waiting to be known.

I hope I can show someone that hill with the cross.. And show them all the beauty and truth that comes with it. I hope I can smile at a stranger and maybe they’ll see the cross in me.. I hope someday someone will drive beneath those hills and understand the flawless meaning behind the small hill and the simple white cross it holds.

Well I better go..I have a few parties to attend and red carpets to walk…I’m pretty much a celebrity…. Sooo goodnight peasants.

That was just a little jokey joke…

I love you all.

peace & love



“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” 

I heard that quote in a movie I watched recently.. And it’s been running through my mind since then.

Beautiful things. Well as a writer (and easily excited teenager) I try to find beauty in everything. I’ve always especially had a thing for wildflowers. If you asked me what my favorite flower is….I would most likely say dandelion (and if you say it’s a weed not a flower… are a dream crusher.) So when I think of that quote I can’t help but picture a little patch of wildflowers beneath a stop sign in shimmering sunlight. Peaceful. Hidden. Beautiful. Never demanding to be seen..just content. (Unlike roses…..I feel like roses are the stuck up obnoxious flowers that look down on all the other flowers like they’re nothing. How rude.)

But really..I find so much wonder in stars and wildflowers and things that are just simply beautiful. So why do I sometimes find myself getting caught up in trying to be the best? Society teaches us to be jealous. To crave attention. Don’t fall for that. You are beautiful as who you are. You have your own style. Your own talents and differences. You have dreams and passions that nobody else has. Because no one thinks or sees things the way you do. You don’t need even the brightest spotlight to know how special you are.

So be a wallflower. Be a leader. Be a trendsetter. Push your limits and keep pushing them because life is full of opportunity. Limitations and fear are your biggest weaknesses. Be as YOU as you can possibly be…just don’t do it only hoping that others will think you’re cool or that all eyes will be on you. Do it so that you can find yourself. Don’t beg for attention from others because you will probably end up disappointed. You might be surprised to find that a whole lot more eyes will be on you if you just don’t worry about living constantly in the spotlight..

I hope you have a fantastically lovely week. And that you never lose the things that make you you.

Don’t be a rose. Be a dandelion…… And I apologize..I’m clearly not very good at metaphors…..

peace & love