This coming Friday is a pretty important day for most of the world..

Valentine’s day.

When you’re a kid, February 14th is a day of little coloring paper cards, stuffed animals and watching your parents while dreaming of someday when your prince comes along. When you’re a teenager, it’s either a day of smiles, hope and dressing up anxiously awaiting the evening with butterflies in your stomach.. Or it’s a day of lots and lots of chocolate, tears, and movies based on Nicholas Sparks novels..  When you’re an adult, the butterflies have mostly flown away and you’re trying to find more creative ways to surprise your husband or wife.. (or that’s what I’m assuming old people do on this holiday.)

I feel like romance has been down-graded these days.. I sure wish I could’ve lived in the days of hand written letters, red roses and throwing pebbles at windows.. But sadly, I live in 2014 when nothing is romantic unless you’re someone’s “Man crush Monday” or “Woman crush Wednesday” on Instagram and you’re much more likely to get a flower emoticon on a text than a real flower.. But I have realized that just because things aren’t the same as they were in the “olden days” does not mean that cute creative Valentine’s Days don’t exist.

You see, I’m actually happy this year…and guess what…I might not be wearing my pajamas all day while eating Goldfish alone on my couch…I might decide to have fun and enjoy the day..I might even fix my hair and stuff like that.. I used to think Valentine’s Day was an overrated holiday for people that don’t know how to surprise their significant other on their own time and a day for single people to feel particularly lonely. But I had a major change of attitude this year. I’m actually excited about this Friday! (crazy right?)

I did some research on how Valentine’s Day got started and I found an interesting legend.. I won’t tell the long story of Saint Valentine.. But I will tell you that he was put in jail for converting people to Christianity.. While he was in jail, he healed a sick girl named Julia, who was the daughter of his jailer, and they fell in love. He found out he was going to be executed and he wrote Julia a letter signed Your Valentine.. After he was killed, Julia and 44 of the jailer’s household were baptized and converted to Christianity.. They say that’s how this holiday started.

I was surprised by the story.. I thought it was beautiful. Love is a powerful thing. And it made me realize that there is usually more than meets the eye.. That maybe a holiday like this is a good reminder that love is an adventure. It is wild, confusing and wonderful all at once. It is life changing and full of hope. I may be a nosy, know-it-all teenager.. But this Friday I like the idea of hope. Hope and excitement for the “someday”s.

Well…Merry Valentine’s Eve’s Eve….

Is that the wrong holiday?

peace & love


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