Mason Ashley

“….puts pen to paper to masterfully craft lyrics that tell a timeless story, designs a melody that captures raw emotion, and then sings with an enchanting voice that lulls the listener to another time and place.” – Huffington Post
“….has a gift for enduring turns of phrase that give her a wisdom and also the ability to deliver cutting barbs to the subjects of her songs.” – Houston Press
Mason draws her inspiration from a blend of life lessons and astute observations of the universe around her. Her music is art. She’s a masterful lyricist with a beautifully unique voice. Being hands on in her production is crucial to her. Mason is passionate about women having a voice in the industry and truly being heard and respected. She is working diligently on her first full length album to be released in 2021. It is a work of art with crazy creative twists and turns and she can’t wait to bring it to light.

Who is she?
Her name actually is Mason. Ashley is her middle name. She goes by Mason or Mase. She hails from H-town/Space City/Houston or, more truthfully, a suburb just north of there.
She is a Houston, Los Angeles, Nashville recording artist. Sushi and tacos are her favorites and in her extensive travels, she seeks out the best of both. It is her tendency to find the best local coffee places, too. She’s an introverted Leo. She has worked in visual effects on many movies and television shows in the family business, meeting lots of fascinating people. Music is her absolute passion from writing to singing, playing, and production. She lives, eats, and breathes music since childhood. That’s why you’re here, reading this. The music.

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