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I debated on whether to post today or not (ya know since it’s Christmas and all) but I decided to go for it…(obviously) I had an amazing day. Opened lots of perfect presents. Ate delicious food. And spent time with my favorite people.. But the best part of my day was drinking coffee with my […]


So I was walking through the mall with some guy friends last week.. And we went in Hollister. I was walking around, looking through stacks of clothes, and I saw this super nice men’s sweater. My first thought was: If I had a boyfriend that’s what I would buy him for Christmas. It was stupid. […]


Hello again. This summer I spent a few days in New Orleans. I love staying there. I love the music, culture, food and buildings. Anyway, we went in some little shop and there was a wall covered in sparkly, colorful masks. I tried one bright, glittery one on and it was all cute and fun.. […]


Hi. I’m Mason (just in case you didn’t know). I’ve decided to start this blog so that I can share my passionate, meaningless, teenage opinions with the world…. Okay.. That’s not REALLY why I’m doing this. I’m a passionate writer. I’ve never really been a very good…talker. I always forget what to say or just […]