I debated on whether to post today or not (ya know since it’s Christmas and all) but I decided to go for it…(obviously)

I had an amazing day. Opened lots of perfect presents. Ate delicious food. And spent time with my favorite people.. But the best part of my day was drinking coffee with my parents and my brother this morning before we opened presents.. We sat there listening to old funny Christmas songs that we used to love when we were little. And we laughed and talked and remembered.. And I just wanted to freeze that moment forever. I didn’t want it to change.

I don’t want to grow up.

Those words ran repeatedly through my mind. I don’t want to someday not wake up in my favorite red brick house. I don’t want to lose the smell of coffee every morning. Or hugging my dad when he gets home from work. Or long car rides with my mom.. I don’t want to miss the sound of my brother singing from the shower.. Or going to my grandparents house in my pjs.

I don’t want to grow up.

I mean I’m growing up now. But I’m still in the growing up stage of wearing Christmas hats in public and leaving milk and bread out for Santa….(We didn’t have any cookies)..

Anyway.. I was sad this morning… But then I realized that instead of being sad.. I should enjoy every moment of being young. Making my parents laugh. One of them riding passenger seat in the car while I drive and the other one in the backseat probably scared for their lives.. I’ll savor every laugh. Every song we sing.. Every prayer around the dinner table. And I will always remember that Jesus Christ is so much more magical than any tinsel or light. Because that is what my family believes in. And I’m so glad we do because it is the greatest thing that anyone could ever believe in. Much better than any big hairy man in a red suit..

So today I enjoyed every moment. I laughed a lot. I sang louder.. And I may have acted even quirkier than I usually do.. Because I can.

So I hope you all cherished the moments today.. And ate way too much food.. And wore ugly Christmas sweaters.

Oh and Lovely Christmas.
(Merry is so overrated)

peace & love



So I was walking through the mall with some guy friends last week.. And we went in Hollister. I was walking around, looking through stacks of clothes, and I saw this super nice men’s sweater. My first thought was: If I had a boyfriend that’s what I would buy him for Christmas.

It was stupid.

But the rest of the afternoon I was looking through stores dramatically thinking “If only someone loved me…” Okay… I am NEVER like that. It’s just Christmastime that turns me into a bitter old lady.

Anyway while I was walking and sighing dramatically in my mind.. I caught myself and realized how stupid of me to feel that way just because it’s cold outside. I am happy. It’s my favorite time of year and a guy wouldn’t make it any better… It would just mean stressing about a present for him.

Yes. All single girls wish they had a cute guy to look at lights and drink hot chocolate with.. But I’m only 15.. And I have PLENTY of Christmases to do cute winter stuff with a guy.. And when I do have a guy at Christmas time… He should probably pretend to be sick… Because I will be wanting to watch movies and make paper snowflakes and bake cookies and put up like 7 Christmas trees and cover everything in lights and wear matching plaid scarves and wrap presents and dance around the kitchen singing Christmas songs.

But anyway, I’ve enjoyed buying presents for my family and friends and watching Christmas movies and I’ve been very content since I realized my stupidity about my singleness..

Well to sum up all of this rambly post… If you were dating me you would’ve gotten a nice Hollister sweater. Sucks for you guys.

peace & love



Hello again.

This summer I spent a few days in New Orleans. I love staying there. I love the music, culture, food and buildings. Anyway, we went in some little shop and there was a wall covered in sparkly, colorful masks. I tried one bright, glittery one on and it was all cute and fun.. Then after a few minutes it got itchy, uncomfortable and just in the way.

We all wear masks. And not the fun Mardi Gras kind…. The kind that hides your eyes. The kind that keeps people from knowing the real you. We all wear them. It distracts from who we are and what we feel. I am always afraid to show my feelings. So just like in New Orleans…I put on a sparkly mask to hide behind.

Of course, we all act differently in public. We WANT to be liked. And there is nothing wrong with that.. But sometimes we let it go too far until we can’t even tell what’s the real us and what’s a mask. Sometimes we even try to hide others. We get so caught up in ourselves and what we do and who we’re associated with.. So we try to mask the people around us.. Hide their flaws or differences. Or just hide them entirely so that people don’t think we’re “uncool” for being friends with them. That’s how we end up hurting the people that actually care about us. Masks can make us feel pretty and mysterious. Unique. Or we wear one to fit in with everyone else. But the thing is, everyone is different. Special. Beautiful. And we don’t need to hide our unique, quirky or exciting things that make us US.

Well I’m sorry for this rant. But I think we all should remember that most of the time.. when you take off the mask then it reveals a really pretty person..and some prince or princess realizes how beautiful you are and you live happily ever after and get married and have like six kids.

The End.

peace & love



Hi. I’m Mason (just in case you didn’t know).

I’ve decided to start this blog so that I can share my passionate, meaningless, teenage opinions with the world…. Okay.. That’s not REALLY why I’m doing this. I’m a passionate writer. I’ve never really been a very good…talker. I always forget what to say or just don’t end up saying what I mean. So as a shy nine year old, discovering that I could put a pencil on paper and make sense of something was pretty exciting for me. Now as a 15 year old girl who still gets the same thrill from writing, I figured I could share some more stories and ideas of mine without a guitar in my hand. I write songs..a lot of songs. Most of them never leave my bedroom.. But over the past two years I’ve been strangely brave enough to let some of those songs be heard by ears other than just my dog’s…and putting songs out there is risky living in a town where almost everyone knows everything and can proooobably guess what or WHO you’re writing about.

When it’s cold outside, I always get lots of inspiration. Sadly, I live in Texas where it is currently 73 degrees on December 4th… But there’s just something about Christmas lights and sparkles that make me write so much more. Maybe that’s why my bedroom is covered in blue lights and paper snowflakes at the moment. Winter is just magical. I always try to do as much Christmas or winter related things as possible all squeezed into my favorite month of December. So I’ve been pretty busy these past 4 days.

In other news, I cut my bangs today.. Which I do every winter. Right after I say I’m not going to cut them… It’s like a winter tradition for me. Some people do winter baking..well, I do winter bangs.

Well I could rant on about inspiration and winter forever.. But I have lots of Christmas movies to watch.. So I’ll say goodnight for now. If you read all this, you’re my favorite person. And I’ll be writing to you again next Wednesday.

peace & love