I debated on whether to post today or not (ya know since it’s Christmas and all) but I decided to go for it…(obviously)

I had an amazing day. Opened lots of perfect presents. Ate delicious food. And spent time with my favorite people.. But the best part of my day was drinking coffee with my parents and my brother this morning before we opened presents.. We sat there listening to old funny Christmas songs that we used to love when we were little. And we laughed and talked and remembered.. And I just wanted to freeze that moment forever. I didn’t want it to change.

I don’t want to grow up.

Those words ran repeatedly through my mind. I don’t want to someday not wake up in my favorite red brick house. I don’t want to lose the smell of coffee every morning. Or hugging my dad when he gets home from work. Or long car rides with my mom.. I don’t want to miss the sound of my brother singing from the shower.. Or going to my grandparents house in my pjs.

I don’t want to grow up.

I mean I’m growing up now. But I’m still in the growing up stage of wearing Christmas hats in public and leaving milk and bread out for Santa….(We didn’t have any cookies)..

Anyway.. I was sad this morning… But then I realized that instead of being sad.. I should enjoy every moment of being young. Making my parents laugh. One of them riding passenger seat in the car while I drive and the other one in the backseat probably scared for their lives.. I’ll savor every laugh. Every song we sing.. Every prayer around the dinner table. And I will always remember that Jesus Christ is so much more magical than any tinsel or light. Because that is what my family believes in. And I’m so glad we do because it is the greatest thing that anyone could ever believe in. Much better than any big hairy man in a red suit..

So today I enjoyed every moment. I laughed a lot. I sang louder.. And I may have acted even quirkier than I usually do.. Because I can.

So I hope you all cherished the moments today.. And ate way too much food.. And wore ugly Christmas sweaters.

Oh and Lovely Christmas.
(Merry is so overrated)

peace & love


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