Hi. I’m Mason (just in case you didn’t know).

I’ve decided to start this blog so that I can share my passionate, meaningless, teenage opinions with the world…. Okay.. That’s not REALLY why I’m doing this. I’m a passionate writer. I’ve never really been a very good…talker. I always forget what to say or just don’t end up saying what I mean. So as a shy nine year old, discovering that I could put a pencil on paper and make sense of something was pretty exciting for me. Now as a 15 year old girl who still gets the same thrill from writing, I figured I could share some more stories and ideas of mine without a guitar in my hand. I write songs..a lot of songs. Most of them never leave my bedroom.. But over the past two years I’ve been strangely brave enough to let some of those songs be heard by ears other than just my dog’s…and putting songs out there is risky living in a town where almost everyone knows everything and can proooobably guess what or WHO you’re writing about.

When it’s cold outside, I always get lots of inspiration. Sadly, I live in Texas where it is currently 73 degrees on December 4th… But there’s just something about Christmas lights and sparkles that make me write so much more. Maybe that’s why my bedroom is covered in blue lights and paper snowflakes at the moment. Winter is just magical. I always try to do as much Christmas or winter related things as possible all squeezed into my favorite month of December. So I’ve been pretty busy these past 4 days.

In other news, I cut my bangs today.. Which I do every winter. Right after I say I’m not going to cut them… It’s like a winter tradition for me. Some people do winter baking..well, I do winter bangs.

Well I could rant on about inspiration and winter forever.. But I have lots of Christmas movies to watch.. So I’ll say goodnight for now. If you read all this, you’re my favorite person. And I’ll be writing to you again next Wednesday.

peace & love


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  1. Hannah Browning
    Hannah Browning says:

    MASON!!!!!!! this is awesome! i hope it goes super duper well along with your song writing and everything! I miss you so much! well you now have one more person that will be following your blog! love you! ~hannah browning <3


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