Falling in love with music and writing at a very young age, singer/songwriter Mason Ashley drew from her emotions and experiences by documenting them into lyrics in her journals. She has allowed herself to understand her life and different circumstances and events that have happened to her through her lyricism. This includes her latest single, “Paper Planes.” Just released about a week ago, the emotional ballad focuses on the realization of a relationship gone bad.

“When I was sixteen, I met an older boy—that happened to also be a songwriter—and he was kind of a loose cannon,” Mason stated about how the story for the song came about. “I knew there was no way it would end well and that I would probably end up getting hurt, but the curious part of me knew I had to see it through, and the songwriter part of me knew bad relationships always lead up to great song material,” she quips. “I wrote ‘Paper Planes’ the week I met him before our four-month relationship even started. I wrote the song in past tense almost like I was looking back on a situation that hadn’t even happened yet. I had written the melody a while back and never found the right lyrics for it until I was folding laundry one day and saw some old pajama shorts with paper planes on them, not kidding. I literally ran and grabbed my guitar and wrote the whole song in about an hour.”

The music video follows Mason walking through the ruins of an abandoned building as light beams through the windows. “The ‘Paper Planes’ music video definitely has some deep meanings for me,” Mason admits. “The whole concept was basically creating a visual metaphor for a disastrous relationship without making it too obvious. We wanted to capture the emotions of watching something fall apart right in front of you and trying to fight your way through it without losing who you are.” She shares that it was important to portray that honesty and realness that comes with that relationship, “It is fragile and messy but still pretty to look at. From the outside, it looks fine, but on the inside, it’s breaking at the seams. The old building is very symbolic of a dangerous love. You know it’s gonna crumble…but you’re too intrigued to run away from it.”

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Mason Ashley Discusses Paper Planes and Strangers


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