So I was walking through the mall with some guy friends last week.. And we went in Hollister. I was walking around, looking through stacks of clothes, and I saw this super nice men’s sweater. My first thought was: If I had a boyfriend that’s what I would buy him for Christmas.

It was stupid.

But the rest of the afternoon I was looking through stores dramatically thinking “If only someone loved me…” Okay… I am NEVER like that. It’s just Christmastime that turns me into a bitter old lady.

Anyway while I was walking and sighing dramatically in my mind.. I caught myself and realized how stupid of me to feel that way just because it’s cold outside. I am happy. It’s my favorite time of year and a guy wouldn’t make it any better… It would just mean stressing about a present for him.

Yes. All single girls wish they had a cute guy to look at lights and drink hot chocolate with.. But I’m only 15.. And I have PLENTY of Christmases to do cute winter stuff with a guy.. And when I do have a guy at Christmas time… He should probably pretend to be sick… Because I will be wanting to watch movies and make paper snowflakes and bake cookies and put up like 7 Christmas trees and cover everything in lights and wear matching plaid scarves and wrap presents and dance around the kitchen singing Christmas songs.

But anyway, I’ve enjoyed buying presents for my family and friends and watching Christmas movies and I’ve been very content since I realized my stupidity about my singleness..

Well to sum up all of this rambly post… If you were dating me you would’ve gotten a nice Hollister sweater. Sucks for you guys.

peace & love


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  1. Kat
    Kat says:

    I can’t tell you how many times the same kinds of thoughts ran through my head. (Hello, sappy songwriter.) All the other girls had boyfriends, why didn’t I? I made up a lot of stories about myself and other people. I tried to force a lot of relationships that weren’t meant to be, just to fulfill something I thought I was missing. But in hindsight I see the only things I was missing were perspective, patience, and contentment with myself. As a sophomore in college, I’m currently in the first relationship I’ve ever been in that feels natural and right. It happened when I stopped caring about relationships and really focused on building my life. I figured out who I was and what I wanted through trial and error. And now, with this wonderful gentleman, I can truly be myself. Not only does he accept me, but he inspires me to be better. That’s the kind of relationship you deserve, and they come with time. You are a beautiful young lady inside and out. Be patient. Keep working hard, keep shining, and great things will happen for you! <3


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