Words can heal.
Words can hurt.
Words destroy and words rebuild.
They can bring hope to the hopeless and love to the unloved.
They can inspire and impact.
Words, when put to music, can make you want to dance around the kitchen floor.
Words can deceive.
And disguise.
And demean.
Words can be fragile, vulnerable, breakable.
Or they can hold more strength than you ever imagined you had.
Words can pour out every feeling and emotion locked away inside of you in one moment of desperation.
Or they can stay hidden in the shadows unspoken.
Words can burn.
Words can leave scars that only fade with time.
Leaving a trail of regret and wishing you could take them back.
They can belittle.
And undermine.
They can be so pride-filled and thoughtless that they almost make you lose yourself.
Words are passionate.
Full of hope.
They paint nights of breathless moments and sweet, uncertain smiles.
Words can make you laugh until you cry.
Or make the world seem absolutely and enchantingly perfect for a moment.
Words can define.
Erasing lines that were once blurred.
Clearing the muddy waters.
They can confuse.
Blurring lines that were once clear.
Mudding clear waters.
Words can break hearts.
Leaving tear stains on the carpet and an emptiness in your stomach.
They can change everything in one unsettling sentence.
Words are powerful.

But they are just words.
Only we can decide how they are used and how they affect us.
We are the ones who hold that power.
Use it wisely.

peace & love


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