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Releasing the Album ‘Into the Song’

When I was twelve years old, I wrote a song about owning the stars and wanting to shine… Releasing my debut record, Into the Song, was the closest I’ve ever felt to shining. It is an interesting thing releasing songs you wrote, especially living in a small town where most people can figure out who […]


Words. Words can heal. Words can hurt. Words destroy and words rebuild. They can bring hope to the hopeless and love to the unloved. They can inspire and impact. Words, when put to music, can make you want to dance around the kitchen floor. Words can deceive. And disguise. And demean. Words can be fragile, […]

Lyrics that inspire me most

Hey y’all. So I had a pretty rough weekend last week..and the only way I really deal with rough times is (of course) with music.. So this blog isn’t really a normal blog.. Instead I’m just gonna share with you all some of my favorite lyrics that inspire me the most. “I will raise my […]


Hi. How are you? Good?….that’s good. I’m gonna be honest.. This blog is going to be pretty shocking and very serious. I have a huge secret to share with you all… I’m warning you now… if you can’t handle insanely surprising truth, then I would stop reading now. Here it is. I am……….         […]


Today is a big day in the Reinke house. My little brother is now a teenager. I know… It’s terrifying. I mean I knew he was growing up.. He’s a lot taller than me now and his voice is all deep and stuff.. But now he’s 13..and it’s crazy. So even though he doesn’t usually […]


Ello my dears. A few days ago I had a pretty important meeting at a studio involving my music and future and all that jazz.. And I was nervous. Really nervous. So while pulling at my clothes anxiously in the front seat of the car, my darling father (noticing my nerves) started trying to inspire […]


This coming Friday is a pretty important day for most of the world.. Valentine’s day. When you’re a kid, February 14th is a day of little coloring paper cards, stuffed animals and watching your parents while dreaming of someday when your prince comes along. When you’re a teenager, it’s either a day of smiles, hope […]


Hi again. Tonight I am writing to you from the great city of Los Angeles, California. I love this city. I feel like this place kinda gets a bad rep.. It’s always thought of as trashy and dirty.. Which it is…like most cities are..BUT there are places in this city that are just adorable. When […]


“Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.”  I heard that quote in a movie I watched recently.. And it’s been running through my mind since then. Beautiful things. Well as a writer (and easily excited teenager) I try to find beauty in everything. I’ve always especially had a thing for wildflowers. If you asked me what my […]